Welcome to Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas (Sino-Eco)!

Ten reasons to be a Sino-Eco member:
1. Have opportunities to represent Sino-Eco to host events or apply for funding;

2. Receive regular home-made Sino-Eco Newsletters featuring our members' personal stories and achievement;

3. Keep informed what is hot on ecologic sciences around the world and China;

4. Join Sino-Eco symposiums and workshop, and join party gathering at the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America;

5. Get inspired by your peers and develop collaboration opportunities;

6. Participate international workshop and conferences in China;

7. Get Informed about employment and study opportunities from Sino-Eco website and mailing list;

8. Get your work and publications known among Chinese researchers quickly;

9. Talk to renowned ecologists face-to-face, and enhance friendship among ecologists for a common goal;

10. Meet life-long friends and enrich your life by volunteering.

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* To promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and scientific development in Ecology and related sciences among Chinese ecologists overseas as well as between ecologists overseas and those in China.
* To provide an efficient channel between Chinese and overseas ecologists, through which mutual understanding and cooperation can be enhanced.