Welcome to Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas (Sino-Eco)!

To be a Member:

* Any professionals or students in ecology or related fields who support the missions of Sino-Eco.

* The due for Regular and Student Members in developed countries will be $10 and $5 (US Dollars or equal foreign currency) respectively, for those in developing countries will be $5 and waived, respectively.
* Memberships are on an August 1-July 31 schedule. For new members, dues paid before March 1 will cover the current year and the following year; those paid between October 1 and February 28 will be half of the due and will cover the current year. Paying multi-year dues is encouraged.
* Donation is greatly appreciated. Please send your check, payable to SINO-ECO, to: Dr. Lifei Wang,    email: lifei.wang@utoronto.ca for mailing instructions.

In order to improve the communications among SINO-ECO members, SINO-ECO established a public forum and group e-mail based on the Google Group. 

The website address is https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sino-eco


You have two ways to join in the group: one method is you apply the group from the website; another method is you give us (sinoecoassn@hotmail.com) your email, and we will send you an invitation letter, then you should confirm this invitation (maybe in your Spam).

If you want to post a message to the forum, please send it to Sino-Eco@googlegroups.com. When you send the group message at the first time, we will make a check to avoid possible junk mails.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us (sinoecoassn@hotmail.com). Thanks a  lot!

Accept Payments and Donations from Credit Cards, Checking Accounts or PayPal

Regular Membership: $10/year
Student Membership: $5/year
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