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Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas (Sino-Eco)

Mission and Vision

1. Promote free exchanges of ideas and knowledge
2. Facilitate constructive mutual understanding
3. Catalyze creative collaborations among ecologists overseas and in China, and ultimately contribute to the growth of the discipline of ecology and its related sciences.

Ten reasons to be a Sino-Eco member

1. Have opportunities to represent Sino-Eco to host events or apply for funding;
2. Receive regular home-made Sino-Eco Newsletters featuring our members’ personal stories and achievements;
3. Keep informed about what is hot in ecologic sciences around the world and in China;
4. Join Sino-Eco symposiums and workshops, and join party gatherings at the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America;
5. Get inspired by your peers and develop collaboration opportunities;
6. Participate in international workshops and conferences in China;
7. Get Informed about employment and study opportunities from the Sino-Eco website and mailing list;
8. Get your work and publications known among Chinese researchers quickly;
9. Talk to renowned ecologists face-to-face, and enhance friendship among ecologists for a common goal;
10. Meet life-long friends and enrich your life by volunteering.

How to get involved?

Let’s build Sino-Eco together.